Limited distribution of the state Department of Bowen main distribution, "David", "Wilderness" series for the brand's nearly 200 kinds of products, the company now 80% of the way products are sold to OEM parts of the world, products have been around the consumer recognition and trust. Another 20% of the products are sold to a number of supermarkets, such as Wuchuan Wei Wei beauty shop. Wuchuan Ming-hao Beauty

    I wholesale mini electric fan 400MM. 500MM. 700MM. 900MM. . Pliers also paid services, electricity approved, the wind granted, wind shear, heat gun, soldering iron, welding sets, tape machines, screw machines, Epoxy machine, microscope, magnifying glass, caliper, micrometer, equipment carts, web vehicles, anti- static products, silica, AB glue, washer water, hand water, flux,..Read more

  • Mr. Yu: Bo (Mr.)
    Tel: 06683737384
    Fax: 0668-7395630

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